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Is fundraising at the top of your list of website goals? And is your site making one of these two mistakes?

Getting visitors to your nonprofit’s website is the first step towards raising more money, contacting more legislators, changing hearts and minds.

Search engine optimization is a big topic, but these seven tips will help you use your time smartly and get the best results.

Your website is the guide to your organization, not the encyclopedia.

Use website analytics to show your boss the value and benefit that a responsive website will have for your organization

Here’s the dream: You fire up Facebook You share a link to your nonprofit organization’s website Hearts and minds are changed forever.

Help your nonprofit website visitors by transforming your error page into a fun, helpful tool.

Here are eight steps that you can take right now to make your current nonprofit website easier to use for people who are visiting via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Take 10 minutes and make sure your nonprofit organization’s website is in great shape.

I think email is one of the most powerful tools available to my nonprofit clients, regardless of their size or mission.


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