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It’s tempting to spend as little as possible on your website’s hosting. Don’t do it. Your website’s hosting company can save your ass or it can make your life miserable.

Leading your organization into a website project is as exciting as it is stressful. So much can go wrong… but so much can go right!

If you want to recruit more donors / volunteers / supporters, for your organization, here’s how to set yourself apart as a **great** nonprofit website manager.

With a bit of planning and strategy, you can earn a lot of free, genuine SEO. Click for my list of suggestions.

I’ve hand-picked a group of fantastic calls-to-action from nonprofits of all sizes and missions. Let’s walk through each one and talk about what makes it awesome!

Your donation page gets lots of visitors but very few actual donations. Here’s how to fix it: Don’t send everyone to the donate page. Only send the right people to the donate page.

Watch this training and learn the exact components that you need in your donation form

Even though my days are packed, I always find the time to use my website analytics. In this video training, I share my secrets to getting it done.

A streamlined, friendly introduction to Google Analytics specifically for nonprofit professionals like you!

The story of how I stopped feeling like a fraud and took ownership over my organization’s technology


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