A Toolkit of Resources For Your Year-End Appeal

We’re headed into November and the busiest time of the year for many of our organizations: The Year-End Appeal.

November and December were always the most important, and often stressful, fundraising months at the nonprofits where I worked. From the executive director to the mail room assistant, everyone was involved in making The Year-End Appeal a success.

To help you and your team improve the online component of your YEA, I’ve curated a toolkit of my best resources.

Resources for your year-end appeal

If your site isn’t yet secured with HTTPS…

Learn why it’s important and how to get started: Your website is not finished. You forgot HTTPS. →

If you need inspiration for your YEA call-to-action…

Check out these examples & learn why they’re effective: Learn from these Nonprofit Websites & their Awesome Calls-to-Action →

If you want to build the perfect donate form…

Watch the video training & download the infographic: Anatomy of a Perfect Donate Form →

If you’re not using landing pages with your YEA…

Improve your results with this training: A Beginner’s Guide to Nonprofit Landing Pages →

If you want to get the right people to your donate page…

Get some creative ideas about segmenting your peeps: 5 Ways to Get the Right People to Your Donate Page →

If you’re not using analytics with your YEA…

What are you waiting for? Get started: Become a Better Fundraiser with Website Analytics →

If you want resources like this to come to your inbox all year long…

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About Yesenia Sotelo

Yesenia Sotelo is a digital skills teacher and web developer.

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Yesenia can teach you how to use website analytics or improve your online marketing results.

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She won the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) for her work teaching digital skills to nonprofit professionals.