Quarterly Website Strategy Sessions

Get a full year of insight and support in the Quarterly Website Strategy Sessions program.

Each quarter, your team will join Yesenia Sotelo for an in-depth website strategy session. Together, you’ll review your website’s customized analytics report, dig into Google Analytics to uncover the source for emerging trends, identify how your site’s performance compares to similar nonprofit sites and ensure that your website’s tech configuration is up-to-date and effective.

You’ll walk away with clarity and customized strategies to help you improve your online outreach.

I love the ability to do a deep dive into Google Analytics! I know the basics, but there’s SO MUCH Google Analytics can do and I don’t have the time/capacity to become an expert in it. It’s really helpful to be able to ask Yesenia about how a specific page is performing and compare how the site was doing in previous quarters to the current one.

The quarterly chats are also an opportunity for us to learn about tips and tricks that we can use to improve our website. For example, if there’s a page that consistently gets a lot of traffic, we should make sure to include a call to action.

It’s reassuring to know that all the appropriate back end software is being updated regularly. That’s the kind of thing you don’t notice until it becomes a problem. It’s nice to know that the site is taken care of and we don’t have to worry about it.

Director of Communications & Grants Management
Isles, Inc.

What’s included in the Quarterly Website Strategy Sessions?

  • You and I get together every three months to discuss and review your website.

  • You receive a custom analytics report, along with insights and recommendations, that we also review during our quarterly meeting.
  • Because I only work with nonprofits, I let you know what trends are taking off, and whether your specific analytics fit into the normal range for sites like yours.
  • When you’re ready to build new features for your site, I help you think through the issues you might not have even known to consider.

For clients with WordPress websites, I can also:

  • Update WordPress and all plugins, every quarter

  • Review the site for potential security, SEO and accessibility issues, every quarter
  • Be available on an as-needed basis to upgrade or troubleshoot your website, including during emergencies

Who would benefit from the Quarterly Website Strategy Sessions?

  • Nonprofit communications, fundraising or marketing professionals…

  • Who want to understand more about their website visitors and…
  • Want to leverage their time, budget and creativity to improve results

What are the terms of the Quarterly Website Strategy Sessions?

  • $1,750 for 4 strategy sessions over 12 months

  • Includes customization hours OR quarterly WordPress software updates
  • (Optional) As needed website support: $175/hr