Online Marketing Tech Support

Are you ready to…

  • Raise more money,
  • Sell more event tickets or
  • Recruit more supporters?

Tired of guessing which email/ad/post actually worked?

Frustrated with tools that don’t talk to each other?

Fed up with hazy, confusing analytics within each tool, none of which means anything to you?

Let me help you set up your online marketing tools to improve value, accuracy and effectiveness.

Who would benefit from the Online Marketing Tech Support service

  • Nonprofit communications, marketing or fundraising professionals who want to…Accurately track which of your online marketing efforts were most effective
    • Get more value out of your advertising budget
    • Raise more money or sell more event tickets with your email marketing
    • Reach every website visitor with a relevant engagement opportunity
    • Get actual results from your social media marketing
    • Connect the right people to your website content

What’s included in the Online Marketing Tech Support service?

  • A customized audit of all your online marketing tools and systems including:Email marketing,
    • Social media,
    • Online fundraising,
    • Ecommerce,
    • Advertising,
    • Event registration,
    • Online forms,
    • Web analytics,
    • Search Engine Optimization and
    • CRM / CMS
  • Customized optimization plan with suggested improvements organized by priority
  • Support with implementing the optimization plan

What are the terms of the Online Marketing Tech Support service?

Starting at $1,750 for 10 hours of work, hourly rate of $175 for additional work

Want to learn more about working together?