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Why you *don't* have to keep up with everything in #nptech

Dec 16, 2014


A couple of weeks ago, I was leading a client through a WordPress training for her new website. About halfway through, she said, “There’s so much to learn, Yesenia! How do you keep up with everything?”

My answer was simple - “I don't.”

To be honest, I learned a long time ago that I can't keep up with everything. It's impossible for me to know everything that’s happening in the digital community.

Instead, I choose to focus on just a few key areas that matter.


I’ve been building nonprofit websites since 2001 and over these past 13 years I’ve identified the three areas that make the most difference and yield the biggest rewards for nonprofit websites.

In fact, I focus on these three key areas for all the resources that I create for you!

I also focus on giving you straightforward, actionable ideas that you can immediately apply to your specific nonprofit website.


Here are the best of my resources, organized by area of focus:


Make your website mobile-friendly, without going responsive →



Five easy tweaks to get more holiday donations via your nonprofit website →



How to prove to your colleagues that you’re right about the website →



The 2015 Nonprofit Website Planner →


I’ve also organized the Smart Nonprofit Websites course into these three main areas. Class will be open for enrollment in February 2015!


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