10 Minute Training: Impact of the Google Algorithm Update

Impact of Google Algorithm Update

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Learn about the Impact of the Google Algorithm Update on Nonprofit Websites

In 2021, Google completely overhauled its search engine algorithm. The move was driven by a desire to focus on mobile users, who also happen to be the primary users of Google’s main source of revenue, Google Ads.

Even if your specific target audiences are engaging with your nonprofit website on their desktop computers, Google’s assessment is based upon the mobile experience of your site. To perform well under the new algorithm, your site needs to load quickly, respond quickly, and be easy to use on a mobile device.

Q4 2021 (October, November, December) was the first quarter when we could see the full impact of the algorithm update. I just wrapped up my Quarterly Website Strategy Sessions with my nonprofit clients, where we analyze their nonprofit website analytics. It was easy to see which sites are thriving under the new algorithm, and which sites are suffering.

So what happened? Watch this training to find out.

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