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What I've Learned About Consulting for Nonprofits

Dec 20, 2017


What I've Learned About Consulting for Nonprofits

I’ve been consulting for nonprofits since 2012 and I love it.

Consulting brings me great professional satisfaction. I am excited to work with each and every one of my clients. I have created a flexible schedule that allows me to spend time with my young son (and soon, with my newborn!)


Have you ever considered becoming a self-employed consultant?

If so, then you’ll love my special video resource for 2017!

To wrap up each year, I create a video resource about something besides tech.

In this year’s video resource, I’m sharing what it takes to be a self-employed consultant to nonprofits.
(You might want to check out a previous year end video: How I Got Over My Fear of Public Speaking →)


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