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Ready for the Redesign: A worksheet to focus your website conversation

Jan 30, 2018


Ready for the Redesign worksheet


Leading your nonprofit through a website redesign is exciting… and overwhelming.

Where do you even start?!


Here’s how I get started.

I kick off every SmartCause Method nonprofit website redesign project with a discovery chat, where my client and I discuss topics such as goals, audiences, design, etc.

To focus the conversation, I ask my clients to complete a discovery worksheet ahead of time.


Whether my client fills out the worksheet on her own, or whether she convenes a group of colleagues to discuss potential answers to the questions, I find that the discovery worksheet helps my nonprofit clients focus on the most important elements of the upcoming website overhaul.

As their project manager and web developer, I get all the foundational information I need from the worksheet. Then I use our time during our discovery conversation to dig deeper in the areas where that specific nonprofit needs to focus.

If you’re considering a nonprofit website redesign project, I’d like to offer you the Ready for the Redesign worksheet to help your organization focus your conversation on the areas that matter.


This is the exact worksheet that I share with my clients, and I think you will find it incredibly useful as you start to plan your website redesign project!

If you’re considering a nonprofit website redesign project, I invite you to consider working with me and learn more about the SmartCause Method, the process I follow to build nonprofit websites.


As a SmartCause Method client, you get a beautiful new website that’s easy to update, that encourages people to donate, and that’s ready to evolve with you into the next few years.

I remove the stress and uncertainty of website projects, and replace it with a process that is especially designed for the way your organization collaborates, makes decisions and grows.


Learn more about the SmartCause Method here →

Grab the Ready for the Redesign worksheet here →


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