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Planning for Your Website Project

Aug 28, 2012

Where do you even begin when developing or redesigning a website? You know you want a site that evokes strong emotions and inspires supporters to take action. But how will you determine your organization’s objectives and goals with this website project, who your audience is going to be, what type of content will be available or who will be updating the website in the future?

Written and designed by SmartCause Digital founder Yesenia Sotelo, The Nonprofit Website Project Handbook is an easy-to-follow overview of the website design and development process. With over 10 years of digital and nonprofit experience, Yesenia knows what works. She identifies major web development steps and provides sample timelines, site maps, wireframes and other resources.

Part of our mission at SmartCause Digital is to grow the nonprofit sector, and we hope The Nonprofit Website Project Handbook becomes a useful tool as you move forward with your organization’s website. The Handbook is written with nonprofit staff and communicators in mind and is available to share with your team and colleagues. Download it today.

Check out the Handbook's infographic below.

The Nonprofit Website Project Handbook Infographic

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Yesenia SoteloYesenia Sotelo is a digital skills trainer and web developer.

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