Nonprofit Website Analytics for the Small Team

Are you a team of one?

I’ve been there.

I’ve had the job where I was the entire IT department, membership department and online communications department!

I used to joke that if it was plugged in, it was my job.

So, as a small team, it doesn’t matter whether you use analytics, right?


If you’re feeling rushed…
If you’re feeling overwhelmed…
If you’re feeling stuck…

Using website analytics is the best habit you can pick up.

Analytics will save you time. They will help you find clarity.

Website analytics will make you a more effective communicator/fundraiser/marketer/leader.

Nonprofit Website Analytics for the Small Team

How to get started with website analytics?

1. Learn the basics

Start with my free Google Analytics mini-course. You’ll get a guided tour of the tool, definitions for the most important key terms and even tips on how to setup Google Analytics.

2. Install a custom dashboard

As part of the mini-course you’ll also receive a custom dashboard that you can use in your Google Analytics account. I created the custom dashboard specifically for nonprofits. It includes all the key information I think you need to review on a regular basis.

3. Put it on your calendar

Add two recurring appointments to your calendar: one for the 1st of the month, and one for January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1. (This is the same schedule I follow with my Quarterly Website Strategy Sessions clients when I review their Google Analytics information.)

Every month, log in to Google Analytics and review the data for the previous month.

Every quarter, log in to Google Analytics and review the data for the previous three months.

Trust the habit. Follow the habit.

The magic is in the habit.

The first month will be… interesting. “Shiny! New information! But what do I do with it?”

As the keep going with your analytics habit, you will start to identify new patterns and answer some of your own questions.

  • Which enews article had the most readers?
  • Are there pages or posts that are becoming more (or less) popular?
  • Is the bounce rate on the site, or on important pages, changing?

These are the opportunities that will make you a more effective communicator.

You’ll understand what content connects with your audience.

You’ll uncover new trends that you can act upon to find new supporters.

You’ll identify the areas where you need to make modifications to improve.

Need more help getting started with website analytics?

Start by scrolling down and signing up for SmartCause Digital Updates. I share helpful articles, tutorials and trainings every week.

You’ll also receive an invitation to the Google Analytics Toolkit training when it opens again for enrollment.

yesenia sotelo

About Yesenia Sotelo

Yesenia Sotelo is a digital skills teacher and web developer.

She elevates ambitious nonprofit professionals by teaching them how to use the technology tools of modern marketing.

Yesenia can teach you how to use website analytics or improve your online marketing results.

Her SmartCause Method for building websites is especially designed for the way nonprofits collaborate, make decisions and grow.

She won the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) for her work teaching digital skills to nonprofit professionals.