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3 Online Fundraising Tools to Grow With

Nov 4, 2014


Three Online Fundraising Tools to Grow With


Our organization’s needs from a fundraising tool change over the years.

Perhaps you’re just getting started with online fundraising, and you need a tool that’s fast and free. Or perhaps you’ve been fundraising online for a while, and you’re ready for a tool that’s more flexible and customized.

I’ve analyzed and compared three online fundraising tools, from beginner to advanced.

(I don’t have a relationship to any of these tools. I chose these three because they’re popular among my nonprofit clients.)


Consideration: Security

All organizations that process online donations are responsible for safeguarding a donor’s information. In the United States, PCI compliance regulations apply to any online transaction.

Good news: each of the three tools is PCI compliant. (If you’d like to learn more about the laws and regulations that affect your nonprofit website, read my article: Keep Your Nonprofit Website Out of Legal Trouble)


Consideration: Conversions

Only a small percentage of people who visit your donation page will actually make a donation. This percentage is your “conversion rate”. (We talk a lot about conversions in my Smart Nonprofit Websites course.)

A couple of specific tool features will increase your conversion rate:

  • The option to split a donation into monthly installments
  • A donation form that looks exactly like the rest of your site

All three tools support recurring monthly donations.

Only Qgiv provides you with a form that looks exactly like the rest of your site.


Consideration: Donor Cultivation

A donation is just the beginning of a relationship between your organization and your supporter!

A couple of specific tool features will help you strengthen the connection between your organization and your donor:

  • A custom thank you email message immediately sent to your donor
  • Access to donors’ information in a format that you can then import into your communications/fundraising database

Click & Pledge and Qgiv both support customized thank you email messages.

Click & Pledge integrates with Salesforce. Qgiv provides donor information in a downloadable format.


Comparison Chart

  PayPal Click & Pledge Qgiv
Easy to setup Immediate (additional time to verify nonprofit status) 3 - 5 business days Several business days or longer
Price to setup Free Free, $20/mo fee $199
Fees 2.2% + $0.30 3.5% + $0.35 3.95% + $0.25
Custom donation amounts No Yes Yes
Recurring donations Yes Yes Yes
Custom thank you message No Yes Yes
Appearance of form No customization Some customization Complete customization
Donor information available Yes with additional configuration Yes Yes


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