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Yesenia SoteloI’m Yesenia Sotelo, and I’m a digital skills trainer and web developer.

I take complex ideas, tools and projects and make them easy to understand.

I love working with nonprofit communicators, marketers and fundraisers.

So I help them by teaching them the digital and professional skills they need in order to become smart, confident decision-makers.

My own journey started at my first nonprofit job, right out of college.

I was promoted to “Membership Director”, and I was both overwhelmed and excited.

I was overwhelmed because I had no idea how be a “membership director”... but I was excited because I would be the Best Membership Director Ever.

I was determined not to fail. I wanted to do a great job, be respected by my boss and colleagues, and advance into a job with even more responsibility. (You too, right?)

So I started searching for a resource that could help me learn the skills that I needed to be a great membership director.

You can’t imagine how giddy I felt when I found it: The Nonprofit Membership Toolkit. That’s exactly what it was called!

This book changed my life.

It showed me that there was a way to learn big new skills in a streamlined, relevant way.

I kept advancing in my career, eventually moving on to a different nonprofit, and then to a public relations agency where I managed their digital strategy team.

But then I realized I no longer just wanted to fix a website problem here and there, once in awhile.

I wanted to help nonprofit professionals become smart, confident decision-makers.

So now I teach digital skills, provide digital strategy coaching and build websites for people who are ready to be the smart, confident leaders of the nonprofit world.

Because if you want real results, you have to have real skills.

It’s how smart informed decision-makers get promoted to leadership positions.

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