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Yesenia SoteloHi. I’m Yesenia.

I work with nonprofit professionals like you to improve your online marketing.

I’m here to help you use website analytics to understand your audience and turn them into supporters.

I can also help you create a new website that’s more effective, flexible enough to grow with your organization and easy to maintain.




Yesenia Sotelo started her career with a work-study job at a local nonprofit. She never looked back.

Since 1997, when she taught herself HTML, Yesenia has been building websites. From strategy to development to launch, she is an expert in every step of a nonprofit website project. Yesenia’s approach is streamlined and focused. Her SmartCause Method website service allows her clients to lean in to their expertise, such as outlining strategy and creating content, while Yesenia handles everything else.

Yesenia serves as an on-call website analytics expert to her clients, all of whom are nonprofit organizations. She has trained thousands of nonprofit professionals in Google Analytics, via in-person conference presentations, online classes, professional development seminars and one-on-one sessions.

Between 2001 and 2012, Yesenia was on staff at the Constitutional Rights Foundation of Chicago, ACLU of Illinois, Heartland Alliance and Jasculca Terman Public Relations. She held positions at all levels, including management, in the development, communications, information technology and digital marketing departments.

In 2012, inspired by her love of consulting and a desire to deliver a higher quality service, Yesenia started SmartCause Digital.

Yesenia graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in political science. She has served on the boards of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Chicago and EverThrive Illinois. She is a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from NTEN, an organization dedicated to nonprofit technology. Yesenia is a life-long Chicagoan and a mother of two.

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