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Provide your community with best in class digital skills training, for free.

What Your Community Members and Your Organization Get

  • An award-winning, professional trainer
  • Digital skills which are essential to success in today’s competitive marketing environment
  • Interactive training format, featuring hands on tools and extensive Q&A
  • Case studies and strategies from real nonprofits of all sizes
  • Complimentary access to SmartCause Digital’s online training platform, if your organization doesn’t have a webinar service
  • Complimentary registration for all attendees

Digital Skills Training Topics Include

  • Use Google Analytics to Improve Your Nonprofit Website
  • Double Your Audience: Learn how to get more people on your email list
  • More options available upon request

Testimonials from Students / Nonprofit Professionals


“I really appreciate Yesenia’s efforts to help nonprofit communications managers like myself be even better at our jobs. It has made a clear difference in my work — I feel more confident when it comes to our website and beyond. I now have the tools and (growing) knowledge to make effective decisions and improve our organization’s digital presence.”

Communications Manager

"I’ve listened in on so many webinars, and usually I’m only half listening while doing other work. During the Google Analytics webinar, I found myself asking coworkers not to bother me because I was so interested in the webinar. We’ve used Google Analytics for several years, but it’s always overwhelmed me. Now I feel like I’m competent enough to understand what’s going on with our website and make changes if necessary. I’m sure I’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg with what Google Analytics is capable of doing, but now I feel more empowered to learn more."

Communications and Media Coordinator

Photo: Lacey

“Pausing to take a look at analytics is extremely important, but we don’t always have the time to do it on a regular basis. Yesenia does an excellent job of finding insights from our data that matter to our organization. Her experience working with other nonprofits helps give us context to our data we can’t get anywhere else. The individualized approach has worked well for us – people who are new to analytics feel comfortable asking questions about what the analytics mean, and more advanced users can dive right into strategy. Each quarter we come away with concrete strategies to improve our online presence.”

Communications Manager

"I'm immensely grateful for all the substantive information Yesenia Sotelo was able to pack into her online webinars. Yesenia has a perfect grasp of the specific challenges faced by nonprofit websites and of our unique audiences. As well as general "best practices," the course offered easily actionable website tips that were achievable for non-programmers. I still look everyday at the Nonprofit Dashboard for Google Analytics that she offered as a download with the course."

Development and Marketing Manager

Photo: Lindsay

“I love the ability to do a deep dive into Google Analytics! I know the basics, but there’s SO MUCH Google Analytics can do and I don’t have the time/capacity to become an expert in it. It’s really helpful to be able to ask Yesenia about how a specific page is performing and compare how the site was doing in previous quarters to the current one. The chats are also an opportunity for us to learn about tips and tricks that we can use to improve our website. For example, if there’s a page that consistently gets a lot of traffic, we should make sure to include a call to action.”

Communications Manager

Yesenia SoteloAbout Yesenia Sotelo, Digital Skills Trainer

I’ve been building and growing nonprofit websites since 2001.

I love helping nonprofit professionals to learn the digital skills they need to become the smart, confident leaders we need in the nonprofit world.

My passion for my work was recognized in spring 2017 when I won the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Nonprofit Technology Network.

I’ve been on staff for nonprofit organizations and experienced the full range of nonprofit life. I’ve stuffed envelopes, launched websites, fixed the printer, created technology budgets, answered the front desk phone, given media interviews, folded hundreds of tshirts and designed the annual report.

I’m sure your resumé is equally rich in experiences!

Now I work with nonprofit professionals to train them in the digital skills they need to grow their website and their online audience.

Also: I live in Chicago, my favorite color is purple, I’m mama to a baby boy, I prefer Lake Michigan to any ocean and my computer’s name is Henrietta.


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Training Guidelines

To best serve the nonprofit community, a digital skills training must include…

  • 50 or more attendees
  • Nonprofit communicators, marketers, fundraisers and executives
  • 60min - 90min length
  • Opportunity to join the SmartCause Digital email list

In-Person Workshops

Provide your community members the most effective of professional development options: an interactive, intensive, hands-on workshop.

Yesenia Sotelo will travel to your area and work directly with attendees to improve their skills and suggest the best strategies for their specific capacity and goals.

Full-day workshops are available at both introductory and advanced levels.

To help attendees implement their new skills, you’ll have the option to enroll them in one of SmartCause Digital’s online courses. Students can refresh their skills at any time via the online course website, video trainings and resources.

The price range for in-person workshops is $1,500 to $2,500.

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