Website analytics: What strategies are working for everyone else right now

“What am I missing? What don’t I know?”

In the world of website analytics, the answer to those questions is: a lot.

The technology that we use to track website analytics has completely changed in the last year, and with that change came new strategies. Use this workshop as a shortcut to catch up with what everyone else is doing with their website analytics right now, and learn how to use those same strategies for your own campaigns.

Join other communications, fundraising, and marketing professionals to understand which type of approach to website analytics best fits your organization’s goals. You’ll see examples of how to use website analytics to improve list building, event registrations, fundraising, and recruitment.

Share your ideas, questions, and frustrations with a community of your peers as we work together to create a customized website analytics strategy for you and your team.

(This workshop includes a self-assessment checklist and analytics template especially created for small- and medium-sized nonprofits.)