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What’s Working So Far in 2019: Ideas to Improve Your Nonprofit’s Online Outreach


What's Working So Far in 2019


As you drafted your goals and implementation plans for the new fiscal year, did you start to ask yourself questions like...

  • What are the most effective and budget-friendly ways that my nonprofit can find new supporters?
  • Should I boost our Facebook posts, does it actually work?
  • Are popups always annoying or could they help me with my online marketing goals?

Join expert trainer Yesenia Sotelo for an informative, interactive session designed specifically for nonprofit communicators and fundraisers. You’ll learn:

  • Which methods of online outreach are working better than expected in 2019
  • Which methods aren’t working as well as previous years
  • What nonprofits are doing to optimize their specific online outreach efforts

(This training is suitable for nonprofits of all sizes and missions. A recording will be available.)


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