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Use Strategy & Analytics to Turn Website Visitors into Supporters


Use Strategy & Analytics


2016 has been a hard year.

For you.

For your organization.

For the community you serve

2017, we're ready for you.

We're ready to... turn around and create great things.

... to do good in the world.

... to do good for our communities.

... to do good for our teams.

... to do good for ourselves and our careers.

Let's get started.

The first step is getting a plan in place for your website.

I'm here to help you.



Join me for this free digital skills training. Grab your copy of the 2017 Nonprofit Website Planner.

Let's get it done together.

I'm an expert who works with nonprofit professionals like you everyday.

I've been building and growing nonprofit websites since 2001.

I know how to get it done.

I'll walk you through why the planner works, how to fill yours out for your organization, and how to use it to do great work in 2017.

Bring your questions.

Learn from other nonprofits and their questions.

I'll also let you know how I can support you and your great work in 2017.

This training and workbook are your step-by-step guide to crafting a website plan and turn website visitors into supporters.

Planner previewWe’ll walk through the key strategies that you need as part of your plan, along with specific action steps that you can implement - immediately!

You’ll learn:

  • How you should (and should not) plan our your website strategy
  • The two most important elements of any nonprofit website plan
  • The tool that will tell you whether you’re making the right changes

This training is perfect for nonprofit communicators, marketers, fundraisers, and anyone whose job description includes updating the website!


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Yesenia Sotelo, founder of SmartCause DigitalAbout Yesenia Sotelo

Yesenia Sotelo loves nonprofits and digital, and is happiest snuggled right in between the two. For over 15 years, she has helped nonprofits use digital tools for fundraising, communications, advocacy and operations. Yesenia has provided digital strategy and implementation support to small and large nonprofits, universities, hospitals, legislative campaigns and social enterprises.

Yesenia first taught herself HTML in 1997. Her skills include web development, online fundraising, digital advocacy, social media strategy, web analytics, project management, training and tech support.

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