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About the Project: 

The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance provides high-quality leadership training to students and burgeoning nonprofit professionals via their Certified Nonprofit Professional credentialing program.

We worked together to help NLA reach potential members and highlight their influence and history of measurable success, as well as ongoing programs and resources.

At the time, the NLA had an outdated site with no content management system that did not adequately reflect the quality of their programming.

I made several critical updates, starting with building a new Wordpress site with search engine optimization where none had existed before. New menus organize a breadth of information that demonstrates the NLA’s wide impact and offers crucial details to prospective members. I installed a powerful forms tool that makes it easy for staff to create and update forms without my assistance.

Overall, NLA now has a site that will grow with the organization and highlights the organization’s valuable content.

I continue to support NLA with site maintenance, such as configuring their SSL certificate and PayPal integration with forms.

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