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Heartland Alliance for Human Needs & Human Rights

“Yesenia did a wonderful job on implementing the new look/feel and we’ve been getting crazy, big, and positive response.”
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Heartland Alliance for Human Needs & Human Rights is an anti-poverty organization with a wide range of services. The organization requires a flexible website that can accommodate evolving programs, new outreach and fundraising campaigns and a wide range of staff technical skills. The organization is also looking forward to celebrating a milestone anniversary in 2013.

Heartland Alliance uses Convio, a proprietary CMS/CRM, for its website. We provide ongoing web development support to augment existing staff resources. In 2012, we helped: create a recurring birthday email campaign that sends a birthday message to constituents right before their birthday, create and update microsite templates for various local programs, design and create a new gift catalog microsite in both CMS and CRM and prepare for the organization’s anniversary by converting a design into custom Convio CMS and CRM wrappers.

Heartland Alliance’s website evolves to match the organization’s growth and campaigns. The new gift catalog microsite will allow the organization to reach new supporters and generate revenue. The HTML and CSS for the new CMS and CRM wrappers are more streamlined than the previous versions and should serve the organization well for years to come.

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