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Global Wellness in Urban Chicago

About the Project: 

The Global Wellness in Urban Chicago project of the Field Museum is an initiative dedicated to researching what wellness means to the people of Chicago. Through the collection of artifacts, neighborhood profiles, and personal stories from residents, Global Wellness is creating a complex and nuanced picture of Chicagoans’ ideas of well-being.

The Global Wellness group wanted to effectively share their research with the wider public and in particular, highlight Chicago-area wellness practices by neighborhood. Part of the work was bringing a trove of offline images and stories onto the website, where it was carefully organized in order for casual visitors to browse as well as easily sortable for academics who need more details.

I built a visually compelling interactive map of Chicago where visitors immerse themselves in photos and stories from around the city. Their custom-designed responsive Drupal site now has options to tag, sort and display the content (especially useful for academics) and space for compelling gallery images and embedded dynamic photo slideshows.

I gave them strategic advice on how to guide visitors through the rich library of content, personalized training so staff and graduate students can update the site as needed, and full support with moving content into the new site.

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