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Everyday Democracy helps neighbors talk and work together to create communities that work for everyone.

When we started working together, the Everyday Democracy website had not been redesigned in a few years. The content was updated regularly, but the features and functions lagged behind and were no longer the right fit for the organization.

When they were ready for a new website, the team at Everyday Democracy sought a trusted consultant who could lay out a website strategy that fits the organization’s current and future goals.

For example, we created a tagging structure that is robust and flexible. The new Drupal website’s tagging system allows Everyday Democracy to slice and dice their resources in any number of ways.

We also ensured that anyone who visits the new website and enjoys the resources is invited to stay connected to the organization. We placed dynamic email signup forms in strategic spots throughout the site.

I continue to provide web development support for Everyday Democracy’s communication staff as they seek to reach new audiences.

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