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This Book Transformed My Career

Jul 12, 2014


When I was 22, I landed my first “real” job out of college at an organization that I loved. Within a year, I was promoted to a job with more responsibility.

I was terrified.

I was working in the fundraising department of the ACLU of Illinois and I had been promoted to membership director. My college degree had nothing to do with membership. (I studied political science which was actually awesome because it meant I loved the organization’s mission.)

I was terrified because I had no idea how be a “membership director”... but I knew I wanted to be the Best Membership Director Ever.

I didn’t want to fail at my first promotion. I wanted to do a great job, be respected by my colleagues and bosses and advance into a job with even more responsibility.

So I went online and started searching for a resource that could help me learn the skills that I needed to be a great membership director.

The Toolkit book!You can’t imagine how giddy I felt when I found it: The Nonprofit Membership Toolkit. That’s exactly what it was called! Someone had pulled together all the information I needed and organized it for me so I could follow a system.

This book transformed my career.

I devoured this book. I read it from cover to cover. I kept it on my desk at work so I could reference it. And I followed the system.

I went from being a terrified 23 year old to a professional membership director who had a system for things like acquisition, retention and engagement - all of which I learned from the Toolkit.
My colleagues and bosses knew that I was taking my promotion seriously. They saw me using the book and implementing a system. Most important, I got results - our membership numbers increased!

Are you actively searching for the resources that will help you learn the skills that you need to be a great ________? I hope the answer is yes! Your professional development is key to transforming your career!

Have you found your version of the Toolkit? If your job includes managing your nonprofit’s website, the Smart Nonprofit Websites course is your toolkit! I’ve pulled together all the information you need and organized it for you so you can follow a system.

Here's to your career transformation!

Yesenia with the Toolkit book!
P.S. I actually considered calling the course The Nonprofit Website Toolkit in honor of how much the Toolkit helped me when I needed it and in honor of how much I want to help you become the Best Nonprofit Website Director Ever.




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