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If you’ve ever seen me lead a training session in front of hundreds of people, you might think that public speaking is easy for me. Public speaking is a joy for me, but it’s not a skill that came easy.

Not even bosses can argue with the numbers, right? Let me show you how to determine the number of people that are visiting your site at this very moment or whether that media interview really paid off.

The events you post on your website are a juuuuuuicy SEO gem! Learn how to make the most of this hidden opportunity.

When you update your page’s meta description to directly address a visitor’s needs or interests, you will see a huge increase in people actually clicking over to your website from search engines like Google!

I crafted this list of tips specifically for website content such as blog posts, testimonials, case studies and stories.

Let’s figure out what makes a great popup and how you can use one for your organization - the smart way.

I get this question all the time: How can I address different audiences on my nonprofit’s website? It’s a huuuuuge topic and we’re going to get started with this training.

Learn about the latest trends affecting your site & get specific action steps that you can implement immediately

You're invited to a **free** training webinar!

A suite of tools that can help you automatically flag broken links. Fix your website - in your sleep!


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