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Even though my days are packed, I always find the time to use my website analytics. In this video training, I share my secrets to getting it done.

A streamlined, friendly introduction to Google Analytics specifically for nonprofit professionals like you!

The story of how I stopped feeling like a fraud and took ownership over my organization’s technology

Get my help turning your ideas into digital outreach campaigns

You might be losing donors. Or you might be losing search engine traffic. Or maybe both.

Make a small investment and get a big return on behalf of your cause or community

A handy outline of the most important things to keep in mind about responsive websites along with an explanation of why each one is important to your organization.

This training will be perfect for you if you are a WordPress beginner. I’ll show you all the key tips that I share with my clients when we launch their new websites in WordPress.

What’s affecting your site in the next year, along with specific action steps that you can implement immediately

If I was starting to learn digital skills in 2016, there are three key skills that I would learn first. Keep reading to learn about each skill, what it is, why it matters and a tip to get you started.


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