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Ramah Darom

“We received a call from a USA Today reporter and she said she found us online. We got the placement! Thank you so much for giving us the capability of having great SEO, as I believe that really was key to us getting this national visibility!”
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About the Project: 

Ramah Darom is a nonprofit organization that serves the Jewish community through year-round programs and a summer camp. Ramah Darom also works with groups who wish to use the facilities for their own events and retreats. The organization’s previous website only featured the summer camp and Ramah Darom wished to update its web presence to reach more potential year-round event attendees and potential facility customers.

We worked with Ramah Darom through a complete website development process, from concept to completion. During the discovery phase, we identified several key requirements including:

  • using multimedia to showcase Ramah Darom’s programs and services,
  • building the site so that Ramah Darom staff can easily make edits and add new content,
  • connecting the contact forms to the organization’s email database, and
  • integrating the three sites into a cohesive content management system.

As we worked through each project milestone, we were available to Ramah Darom to review feedback, answer questions and suggest solutions.

Ramah Darom’s new landing page features all three of the organization’s main programs and services. Ramah Darom’s new web presence:

  • tells the story of Ramah Darom and its programs by including slideshows and photo galleries,
  • saves the organization time and effort by streamlining the three sites into one WordPress installation,
  • integrates subscription and contact forms with the organization’s Constant Contact database,
  • displays dynamic related content on the homepage and sidebars via custom post types for Testimonials, Updates and Press Releases which help both target audiences and Ramah Darom staff,
  • is responsive for optimal display on mobile phones and tablets and
  • is managed in a WordPress multi site network.
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