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About the Project: 

The Institute of Women Today provides essential services such as housing for homeless women and children. Their previous site had not been updated in over six years. Any time the staff or volunteers wanted to update the site, they had to wade through custom PHP code - a nearly impossible task.

I narrowed in on the Institute’s need for a site that helps visitors understand their programs and services, but doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. I created a site that mostly runs itself, but is also ready to accommodate special campaigns such as the annual gala or the holiday season.

The Institute is a small, but growing organization, whose new website will evolve with the staff and volunteers. I installed Google Analytics on the site and guided the website team through the tool to help them understand how visitors are finding the website and what pages are most/least popular. The information in Google Analytics will help the Institute make smart choices about where to invest their limited website time.

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