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About the Project: is a project of The Lumpkin Family Foundation. The site was originally built in 2009 in Joomla and was intended to be an online community of nonprofit professionals in central Illinois. In the last few years, the site’s technology had lagged behind industry trends, and the site’s users had migrated to social media to accomplish many of the goals that originally intended to host on its website. The Lumpkin Family Foundation sought to redevelop the site to incorporate social media and prepare for a possible expansion into other areas of Illinois.

SmartCause Digital worked with the project team to develop and design a new responsive, website from concept to completion. We also developed an entirely new identity for this project, including a logo and color palette.

The team is a coalition of nonprofit capacity building organizations from across Illinois. The team identified a strong set of goals, audiences and features for the new site. SmartCause Digital also helped the team talk through new issues such as how to organize the site’s categories to support new website visitors and how much information the site will collect from a user who may just be clicking through to go elsewhere to read an article or engage in a LinkedIn conversation. We led an online training session with staff and interns to demonstrate how to update the website. The training webinar was recorded and saved to the new website so that staff and interns may reference the recording at any time.

The new website is an effective launching pad for nonprofit professionals to engage in conversations and still keep the nonprofit professional community connected to itself. Visitors to the site can sign in to comment via social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook. The site's content features latest articles and upcoming events. Information from other nonprofit websites such as and Idea Encore Network is pulled in automatically via RSS feeds and iframes.

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