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Friends of Sabeel - North America works with peace builders of all faiths and convictions for a just peace in Palestine and Israel. Their previous website was still running Drupal 5 (not one, but two versions behind the current one)! Staff and volunteers were frustrated each time they wanted to post a new advocacy alert or share a new conference listing.

The leaders of FOSNA wanted a site that reflected their uniquely peaceful, welcoming and open approach. We worked together to craft a new look and feel for the updated version of the website. The new is clean, easy-to-navigate and responsive, since FOSNA’s members and colleagues are accessing the site from all over the world, via a wide spectrum of devices.

I continue to work with FOSNA staff and volunteers to ensure that the site remains as easy to edit as possible, even as their programs and processes evolve. For example, I’ve updated their advocacy and conference content types to ensure that all someone has to do is enter the information and the website will take care of the rest, such as formatting headlines, placing images and adding the right tags for search engine optimization.

Friends of Sabeel - North America Homepage
Friends of Sabeel - North America Internal Page
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