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About the Project: is a student-focused site for the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. The Alliance equips professionals with a credential that launches their nonprofit careers. High school and college students are a unique audience and the Alliance wanted to speak to them directly via a new, specialized website.

Together with the Alliance’s Director of Communications, we targeted this site’s design, layout and content directly at students. The menu is streamlined, the colors are bright and the content is dominated by visual elements, such as an infographic. The site’s responsive design is also a big hit with younger audiences who access the internet via a variety of devices.

Even though the Alliance has a new website, the staff don’t have to do a lot more work to keep it updated. Staff can manage the advanced school database and search tools via simple WordPress pages. Since the site is part of a WordPress multisite network, staff can use one main login account to manage both the student and main Alliance websites.

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